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Builds Mental Fitness

There’s no reason to fear your smart phone or your teenager's Instagram account. There is no such thing as insurmountable stress or anxiety; but there are bad training and bad habits.

We can fix those!

Share Chimney Trail with your organization and family. Help them to build strong, resilient minds.


We believe in our clinically-vetted Waypoint Kits because they are backed by research in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to ensure you’re building resiliency while enjoying the fun of outdoor adventure.

Strengthened Bonds

We believe that outdoor adventure is at the heart of creating strong core memories. We give you the tools and confidence to maintain healthy mental states by overcoming the cognitive distortions that cause anxiety and depression.

Lifelong Impact

Our kits equip you with high-quality gear and lifelong skills, rather than leaving you with crafts that pile up until you finally decide to throw them away.

For Everyone

We believe that Chimney Trail exists for people of all ages to provide them with the evidence-backed tools and activities to help them take control of their thoughts and live a happier and mentally healthy life.

Out of the office. On the trail!

Experience our self-paced, self-directed training in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Our collaborative approach to mental fitness puts expert training from psychiatrists and psychologists at your fingertips in a way that respects your privacy and encourages personal growth!

All Chimney Trail experts and clinicians are highly trained in CBT and family mental health.


By yourself or with family and friends, Waypoint Kits provide quality, “unplugged” time.
They will help you to take control of your thoughts before they control you.

We wait to seek mental health care treatment until we’re unable to cope with our anxieties and depressions alone. The problem is, there will always be more of us in need of care than there are clinical mental health experts available to treat us.

A spirit of self-help goes a LONG way in ensuring our well-being.

With Chimney Trail’s curriculum we’re taking the guidance from psychiatrists, psychologists, clinical social workers, and chaplains out of their office and directly into your home. Experience the most distilled advice they can offer and learn how to differentiate your emotions from the cognitions that create them. Take command of your mind!

Learn the benefits of self-led Cognitive Behavioral Therapy training

“I love that Chimney Trail's Waypoints respect my privacy. I'm in control of my own mental health journey.”

-Chimney Trail Customer

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