How Chimney Trail Works

A quick reference process guide for resource sponsors and contracting officers.

  • Chimney Trail Health was created to address the “mental fitness” needs of the men and women who make up the United States military and intelligence community.

    We KNOW these warriors and their families will encounter hardships not easily imagined by those who have not lived their experience.

    Chimney Trail Health is different because WE HAVE LIVED their experience. Consequently, we know that no two commands are the same. We know that no two services are the same. We know that no two missions are the same. To address your command’s disparate needs, we are structured to allow for customization, rapid acquisition, and world-wide deployment.

  • Chimney Trail Health makes it easy to train your team in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. We are structured to support O3-O5 commands through Government Purchase Card transactions and larger commands through support in POM planning, “sweep-up” funds proposals, and conventional prime contracts.

    If you are a contract resource sponsor, you need only connect us with your Contracting Officer Representative to launch this today.

    All Chimney Trail Health offerings come with required leadership training, course material, and clinical research to track and improve program efficacy. Let’s get started!




To kick off, Chimney Trail Health requires an in depth discussion of your organization’s needs. To ensure the best outcomes contract negotiation must include a “workshop” of custom program elements, the setting of program fulfillment timeline, and a clear date for the start of contract execution.
Services will not be rendered without signed contract or government purchase card agreement in place.



Following successful payment, Chimney Trail Health will create physical or digital redeemable subscription codes to be issued via the resource sponsor.
Command leadership will distribute codes to all beneficiaries and will use the code to create and activate a Chimney Trail Health account.


Manufacturing & Fulfillment

Waypoint Kit customization require deliberate finalization. Once complete, prototype images will be created and sent for final review.
With approval from the resource sponsor, Chimney Trail Health will manufacture and schedule the Waypoint Kits for launch.


Delivery & Training

Once ordered, Waypoint Kits will be delivered to beneficiary's doorstep quarterly for five quarters.
On-site training will be made available for command leadership and ombudsman familiarization.


Feedback & Improvement

Every order with Chimney Trail Health comes with clinical research support to ensure and improve program efficacy. Surveys and research material will be made available to resource sponsor review.
All applicable state and organization privacy policies will be in place. The program will be refines to meet command needs.

Cognitive Behavioral Therapy Training
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