• It’s pretty simple: resilience and happiness are forged through outdoor adventure. We’re on a mission to introduce Cognitive Behavioral Therapy through fun easy to access wilderness activities. We're here to help everyone overcome the distortions that cause anxiety and depression.


The stuff of strength, courage, and grit are found in cold mountain air, salty sea water, and the warm embrace of a loved one's hug. Here's how I know.

In 2018, I was the captain of a U.S. Navy warship. In my care were more than 100 of the strongest people I’ll ever know. They were committed and gifted with that special courage that shows up when needed, even if you’re bored or tired.

When you think about a ship of young Sailors in the U.S. Navy, you might find yourself thinking about 18-25 year-old adventurers. Muscle-bound and brimming for a fight.

You might NOT consider that almost half of those serving in the U.S. military have children. The rest aren't too far removed from their own moms and dads.

As Captain, I knew that the warship’s “operational readiness” was immediately tied to our Sailors’ “family readiness”. So I went to work.

I wanted to make certain that our military families had the tools to develop resilience to endure the hardships of family separation. I talked to every expert I could find. Stanford University Bing Nursery, Johns Hopkins, Brown, University of South Dakota Medical School, Fleet and Family Readiness Services, and a countless number of other experts. I asked them simply, “What can we do to help our troops and their families thrive despite the burdens of military life?”

I thought the experts would reply with a library of esoteric meanderings which I would somehow need to translate into everyday wisdom. As it turns out, the answer to my question was as plain as it was elegant: “On all those days when you are not deployed or preparing to deploy, go outside, and play together."

As simple as it seems, this was the advice of nearly every expert. Employing some basic cognitive behavioral therapies, coupled with outdoor activity, was the prescription for strong mental health.You see, being outside requires careful thought and planning. The “great outdoors” hasn't yet been paved for our every step.

We can build resilience through the process of planning, discussing, executing, and revisiting the memory of a shared adventure.

When we learn to plan, discuss, execute, and revisit the memory of an adventure, we strengthen a foundation of self-reliance and resilience. This process reorients our thought process to consider obstacles as challenges to be overcome rather than circumstances over which we have no control.

Following two years recovering from the worst viral pandemic in living memory, there has never been a more appropriate time to focus on these fundamental, resilience-building principles.

The stuff of strength, courage, and grit are found in cold mountain air, salty sea water, and the warm embrace of a loved one's hug.


    Our clinically-vetted Waypoint Kits are backed by research in Cognitive Behavioral Therapy to ensure you're building resiliency while enjoying the fun of outdoor adventure.


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    Outdoor adventure is at the heart of creating strong core memories. We give you the tools and confidence to maintain healthy mental states by overcoming the cognitive distortions that cause anxiety and depression.

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