• Step 1

    Order your desired number of kits and we will ship them to a location of your choosing OR take advantage of our easy subscription program by ordering annual subscriptions, allowing each troop to register online & have kits shipped directly to them.

  • Step 2

    Chimney Trail boxes arrive in the mail. As service members begin to engage in activities, they’ll be improving their mental health & family relationships in an engaging, dynamic way.

  • Step 3

    Let Chimney Trail do its work! Chimney Trail provides a proactive solution rooted in the science of CBT that fosters strong relationships, coping mechanisms, and communication skills for service members and veterans, preventing the need for extensive psychiatric intervention before it arises.


What is CBT?

CBT (Cognitive Behavioral Therapy) is a form of therapy that centers around disassociating feelings from the thoughts that originally caused them & replacing those thoughts with more productive ones. CBT has proved to be transformational in the lives of those suffering from anxiety, PTSD, or other debilitating mental health issues. 

Recent surveys have shown that since 9/11, military suicides are responsible for 4 times as many deaths as combat-related casualties - we’re on a mission to change that. Our kits provide preventative intervention using impactful, interactive adventure kits rooted in CBT concepts.

How can we be sure Chimney Trail will improve service members’ mental health?

There is a gigantic body of research that exists as proof that nature- and CBT-based therapies prevent anxiety & depression. We have partnered with experts at Brown, Johns Hopkins, & Stanford to create longitudinal studies for Chimney Trail’s curriculum to further that body of research and are developing software that surveys users as they complete activities to assess mental health indicators.

How do we guarantee that service members & families will participate?

As with any government program, participation can be mandated to service members with existing family readiness group networks. However, our boxes are structured in a commercially-forward way so they’re more appealing to users and don’t appear like a government-mandated program, encouraging voluntary participation.

What about service members without families?

While our initial research was focused on families with children ages 4-14, our ongoing research has proven efficacy for people of all ages. Our CBT-based kits are focused on outdoor competency levels rather than developmental stages, making them beneficial for anyone with a yearning for adventure.

Contact us to put a plan together for your service members!