Waypoint Kits help your employees, clients, and their families to thrive!


Purchasing a four-box set of Chimney Trail Waypoint Kits is an excellent way to show your employees, clients, patients, or customers your appreciation. It's an investment in their family’s continued health!

When you purchase a four-box set of Waypoint Kits, your recipients will receive a new, adventure-packed Waypoint Kit at the start of each season for a full year! Inside it's chock-full of research-backed, resilience building activities for their whole family to enjoy together. This is a gift that goes far beyond the typical congratulatory fruit basket (who really wants those, anyway?). Waypoint Kits help parents to build lifelong bonds with their kids while equipping them to grow into resilient, successful adults.

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    Research has shown that a healthy family life contributes to higher job satisfaction, lower employee turnover, & overall improved employee health.


    Waypoint Kits are designed to create lifelong resiliency and emotional durability in kids; you’re not just investing in your customers or employees, but in generations to come!


    Sign up and let us do the rest! Rather than having to always think of new gift ideas for your employees or customers, our quarterly subscription boxes are new & exciting each season.

“I couldn't be happier working with Chimney Trail! I personally love the subscription service they offer, so I decided to send my clients these amazing boxes on a quarterly basis. Not only are the contents high-quality, but the activities provided are fun and educational. I've received so many calls, texts and emails about how much everyone loves these special deliveries!!”

Alana Bethune - Real Estate Agent

"This is just so awesome! The kids were freaking out. The Waypoint book is incredible."

Laura P.

"I have a handful of reservists whom I would LOVE to take care of. I mean, we do all the normal stuff, but a Chimney Trail box will be a really nice touch."

"Ahhhh! Just got another box from Chimney Trail...I love everything in it!"

Rhonda P.

"My wife loved the box! She's always trying to drag us outside. Hoping to take our foster kids out camping when it gets warmer, definitely not something they have done before."

Mike C.